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SPH AG is the leading system integrator and digitization expert for the fashion, sports and lifestyle industry.

Investment year: 2023
Sector: Software & IT
HP: https://www.sph-ag.com/


Press release about SPH AG

As a digitization expert and IT solution provider, SPH AG develops fully integrated system landscapes from strategy to implementation and operation.

SPH AG has an in-depth understanding of the fashion, sports and lifestyle industry. Detailed knowledge and many years of experience with all business processes in the fashion, retail and mail order industry distinguish SPH as the leading provider in this demanding environment.

The industry solutions of the company IN:FASHION and IN:OMNICHANNEL allow a highly efficient realization of demanding projects of digital transformation.
The company is located in Sindelfingen
Leading fashion brands such as Nile, Peter Hahn, Trigema, Deuter and many more rely on SPH.

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