Syracom Switzerland becomes ACG Advisors

8. January 2024

Syracom Schweiz AG is continuing its success story with a significant step in its development: with a strategic partnership and a new name, ACG Advisors, the company is strengthening its position in the market. In recent years, Syracom Schweiz AG has recorded impressive growth and consolidated its market position with the successful acquisition of Allaxa Associates AG in 2022.

The company’s declared aim is to continuously expand its expertise in the field of process and IT consulting in the context of digital transformation and digital security. Lars Baumann, Managing Director, underlines the company’s mission: “We strive to be the trusted partner in these key areas and to offer our clients first-class services, especially for complex and challenging projects.”
In pursuit of this mission, the Board of Directors, together with the shareholders, decided to look for a strong strategic partner to support the planned growth. The choice fell on ACG Holding, under whose umbrella Syracom Switzerland will find its new home as ACG Advisors. The new company name also underlines the already established brand value of the “trusted advisor”.

Lars Baumann becomes a new shareholder of ACG Holding. He is enthusiastic about the affiliation: “The ACG Group offers us ideal prospects for the future. We are not only pooling our strengths and expertise for our customers, but also creating a platform for innovative services and solutions. This marks the next exciting step in the development of our company and is in line with our philosophy of focusing equally on our employees and customers.”

The vision of ACG Holding is supported by Marondo Capital, an investor that stands for sustainable growth and places a particular focus on technological expertise. The result is a community that combines diverse strengths and opportunities.

Carsten Tusch, Managing Director of the ACG Automation Consulting Group and future member of the Board of Directors of ACG Advisors, is delighted about the merger of two outstanding players in regionally different markets, but with comparable service portfolios. Exciting future prospects are opening up for the employees, and a broad portfolio of services and solutions is available to customers. The merger of two excellent companies promises an exciting journey into the future of ACG.